Galaxy Fold durability test results comes as no surprise

The Galaxy Fold just can't take a break though it definitely had a bit of a breather. After a craptastic first day in the hands of the media, Samsung withdrew the foldable phone to improve its chances of surviving out in the wild. It's finally confident enough to fully launch the Galaxy Fold at long last along with advertised improvements to its components. That said, it will take extreme care not to get the phone damaged as proved by JerryRigEverything.

Given the delicate nature of the components involved, it's really no surprise that the Galaxy Fold is also a delicate snowflake. Samsung already stretched the critical screen protective layer to the edges and reduced the holes at the hinges. Unfortunately, that isn't enough to actually protect it from the everyday wear and tear it might experience.

YouTuber Zack Nelson put the phone through his usual triple threat test and, to no one's surprise, the phone doesn't fare well. The protective layer may no longer be easy to peel off but it's still easily scratched by anything at a Moh's level 2 and higher, which includes coins, keys, and even fingernails. As an additional test, Nelson put some sand in between the folded screen and, without explicitly putting any in the hinges, particles still made their way in.

Finally, the dreaded bend test ends in a bit of a surprise. Folding it the other way around basically does nothing, so there is no need to fear from that kind accident. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening is probably lower than scratching the screen or, in this case, still accidentally lifting the edge of the screen.

Samsung did give users some warning, and even launched a new premium service to educate users. It boasts that the phone doesn't need a separate screen protector but this durability test proves otherwise. It also warns users about putting the phone near dust, sand, and sensitive objects, which is almost to say that it needs to be put in a safe.