Galaxy Fold delayed yet again and it’s probably for the best

Ewdison Then - May 28, 2019, 8:38pm CDT
Galaxy Fold delayed yet again and it’s probably for the best

There’s no denying that, at least for techies, the idea off a foldable device is dreamy. But like many dreams, turning them into reality requires hard work, patience, and time. Samsung may have ignored the latter two and tried to rush its Galaxy Fold phone to market with disastrous results. Now it seems that even its June launch date is proving to be too optimistic but a longer wait is definitely better than multiple $2,000 disasters.

Samsung isn’t yet giving up on the foldable phone, of course, and insiders have already shared what changes Samsung has done to address the issues that broke the Galaxy Fold in the first place. They’re not substantial changes but should at least make the expensive device last longer than the early review units. Those include simply making sure that the protective cover isn’t removable and reducing the chances of small particles getting into gaps.

But while Samsung already has solutions in place, testing those is apparently taking more time than anticipated. According to insiders, stabilizing the slightly modified hardware is a time-consuming process, hinting that the June launch date isn’t going to happen. Samsung, however, might still announce next month when it will actually launch.

Of course, it can’t delay the phone’s launch either. The window of opportunity is quickly closing in and the business considerations are putting pressure on Samsung to release the foldable phone. The Galaxy Note 10 is also expected to launch in three to four months and launching the Galaxy Fold close to that period would impact the sales of both.

But with $2,000 per phone on the line, Samsung really can’t afford to botch it up again. It’s already too late for it to save face or to get back those who have canceled their pre-orders. All it can do now is prove that it can actually make such a device, one that won’t break so easily.

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