Galaxy Fold 2 might not have an S Pen and it's for the best

Samsung's third foldable phone has been leaked with quite a number of big changes that seem to take us closer to the fulfillment of that foldable device dream. It will supposedly get a larger screen, a smaller camera cutout, and a larger, more usable second display. It was also said to support the S Pen, a dream come true for those who have been holding on to Samsung's promises for years. Now it seems that this last bit will not come to pass and, while disappointing, it is probably for the best for now.

To be honest, it was too good to be true when it was first leaked. Having a phone that you can unfold into a tablet that you can write or draw on like a pocket notebook is definitely one of the ideal use cases for a foldable device. Unfortunately, the screen technology to make that possible still doesn't exist.

At the heart of the problem is the durability of the flexible screen, which is also the biggest concern for such devices even with factoring in the stylus. Manufacturers have to strike a balance between using a material that's thin enough to bend and fold but still strong enough to withstand even light scratches.

That last bit is complicated by an S Pen which will make those scratches intentional rather than accidental. Even the Ultra-Thin Glass or UTG it will reportedly use on the Galaxy Fold 2 is not thick enough to withstand the stylus tip. It is definitely better for Samsung to hold off on that feature for now rather than release something that will end up being a terrible experience for what could be yet another $2,000 phone.

That said, the Galaxy Fold 2 could still have other things going for it. The larger screens on both sides could offer a more usable experience, both as a folded phone and an unfolded tablet. The real question is whether Samsung will be able to push the price down a bit to make the device more accessible to consumers, especially during these difficult economic times.