Galaxy Fold 2 cameras and price could leave you with mixed feelings

For all its faults, the first Galaxy Fold did give us a glimpse into one possible future for mobile devices. It is, however, a future that very few could hardly afford. While the Galaxy Z Flip did make the idea of a foldable screen smartphone more accessible, it didn't exactly match the dreams that the Galaxy Fold inspired. Fortunately, there is word of a Galaxy Fold 2 and while it may come with a cheaper price tag compared to its predecessor, its story might not all be that positive.

The $2,000 Galaxy Fold was expensive beyond imagination though some, especially Samsung, would argue it is a fair price point given what it offered. Admittedly, it had the core specs of a $1,000 phone, and when you add the expensive flexible screen on top and a second screen on the outside, you can expect a higher cost. Not to mention the usual R&D and marketing costs that are offloaded to consumers.

Based on some leaks, the Galaxy Fold 2 might make people fear Samsung will go beyond $2,000 even. With a new Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) flexible screen, support for the S Pen, and a larger external screen, it wouldn't be surprising if the next foldable phone would go even higher.

One caveat though is that the Galaxy Fold 2 will reportedly have only three cameras, breaking away from Samsung's trend to cram more and more sensors on smartphone's backs. The information points to a 64 MP main camera joined by 16MP and 12MP sensors of unknown specifications. No sign of Samsung's much-touted ISOCELL Bright HM1 or even HMX 108MP sensors here.

Despite those upgrades and probably because of the camera "downgrade", the Galaxy Fold 2 will reportedly cost a bit less than the Galaxy Fold. Just a wee bit since that might still be around $1,899 anyway. It's still a jaw-dropping number but if it is anything like what these leaks point to, it might actually be worth the price this time.