Galaxy Buds 2 pairing process gets an odd change

Bluetooth might be the standard way for accessories to wirelessly communicate with smartphones, but the technology hasn't exactly been easy to use or even reliable all the time. In addition to connectivity issues, the pairing process between devices can sometimes be cumbersome and inconvenient, leading to the creation of technologies to ease that pain. Given that context, it's a bit strange that Samsung is changing what has become a standard process for pairing earbuds into something different and potentially more inconvenient for the Galaxy Buds 2.

Almost all TWS earbuds today pair with smartphones and other audio sources in almost the same way. You take them out of the case and press the buttons on both buds to start the process. Samsung, however, is changing half of that formula specifically for the Galaxy Buds 2 only, and users might be split on whether it's better or not.

Instead of taking out the buds before pressing their buttons, the updated Galaxy Wearable mobile app tells users to keep them inside the case. You still need to press both buds' buttons to start the process as usual. The only difference is where the buds are when you do so.

Some might find this new process to be more convenient since they don't have to hold the buds individually, though it still means you need two hands to start pairing anyway. Nothing will be more convenient than Android Fast Pair, though, which only requires opening the case and having the phone nearby. Hopefully, that will still be the case for the Galaxy Buds 2.

Samsung's next TWS earbuds is expected to debut next week alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Galaxy Z Flip 3, and the Galaxy Watch 4 series. Not much has been leaked about the audio accessory, and it will be interesting to see if it has more to bring to the table beyond minor changes.