Galaxy Buds 2 could be the Samsung's next TWS earbuds

Although not as iconic as Apple's AirPods, Samsung's rivaling earbuds have found comfortable places among the top ranks in the true wireless stereo or TWS earbuds market. Its latest and greatest Galaxy Buds Pro, however, may not exactly be its most affordable either. In an already congested market, Samsung may always be looking towards its next step and that next may be called the Galaxy Buds 2, perhaps hinting at a new direction for Samsung's "hearables".

The name might be a bit surprising considering there are around four Galaxy Buds already in the market. Rather than go by generation numbers, however, Samsung has decided to go a slightly more confusing route of appending words instead. Hence we have the Galaxy Buds, the Galaxy Buds Plus, the Galaxy Buds Pro, and the oft-forgotten Galaxy Buds Live.

In typical Samsung fashion, there's always room for more. Android Police recently dissected the Galaxy Wearable app, the single app the company uses for its smartwatches, fitness trackers, and, of course, earbuds. Lo and behold, the site found references to a "Galaxy Buds2", a name that has never been used in public before.

According to sources, this is a completely new device, codenamed "berry", rather than just an alias to an existing product. Sadly, the trail ends there with nary a clue what the earbuds would bring to the table.

Judging by the name alone, this could be taken as a "true" successor to the first-gen Galaxy Buds and might even be seen as a "break" from what came before it. It could also suggest a return to a more affordable price tag, something that some Samsung fans might have sorely missed since the Galaxy Buds Pro's debut.