Galaxy adds Atom to full-sized ATX motherboard

Ewdison Then - Aug 25, 2008, 7:16 pm CDT

Intel’s Atom CPU might have been initially intended for netbooks and other low-power ultraportables, but that didn’t stop desktop manufacturers eyeing up the efficient chip for use in stationary PCs.  ASUS’ Eee Box is one such example: Atom’s low heat output and mild thirst for electricity add up to an economical and compact desktop.  However what you see here certainly isn’t compact; it’s a full ATX motherboard, complete with five PCI slots, and an Atom CPU soldered on.

Believed to be the work of Galaxy Technology, the motherboard is apparently intended for industrial applications where surplus connectivity is particularly necessary but overwhelming power less so.  That’s good, as it’s not even using the upcoming dual-core Atom 330, just the 1.6GHz single-core chip.  As well as that clutch of PCI slots there are two memory slots, four Serial ATA ports, one PCI Express x16 slot and, on the I/O panel, VGA, serial and PS/2 ports.

Estimated price is 599 Chinese Yuan ($87), obviously including the soldered-on CPU.  Of course it’s unlikely to make it to normal retail channels.

[via The Tech Report]

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