Galaxy A51 and A71 get gifted with Galaxy S20 camera features

JC Torres - Jul 7, 2020, 7:51 pm CDT
Galaxy A51 and A71 get gifted with Galaxy S20 camera features

The Galaxy S20 may have been a flop but the first half of 2020 wasn’t a total loss for Samsung. That’s was mostly thanks to the unexpected popularity of its mid-range selection, the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy 71, to be exact. These more affordable phones offered looks and features that met the day to day needs of most users and now they might even have fewer reasons to be jealous of their more expensive siblings. Although they may not have the best cameras in town, they’re at least getting some of the same high-end features that Samsung has been flaunting on the Galaxy S20.

Although the sensors and lenses play an important role in how much light and detail are collected and translated into digital data, there are also other factors that work to deliver an impressive photo or video. Qualcomm and Samsung will always advertise that Snapdragons and Exynos chips that run in these mid-range phones are more than capable of processing heavy loads of imaging data and effects. The other part of that equation is the camera software and that’s where this latest update comes in.

The Galaxy S20 introduced quite a few camera tricks, Single Take being the most prominent of them. In a nutshell, it captures 10 seconds of footage that applies various camera modes at the same time so you won’t have to choose beforehand and waste valuable seconds. You get to pick from Live Focus, Smart Crop, and more after you’ve already recorded the short clip.

That’s great for automatic work but some mobile photographers do want to be in full control. And just because you have a mid-range phone doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that either. Pro mode comes to the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71, offering manual focus and shutter control to those who want to micromanage their photography experience.

And when all the shots have been taken and the videos recorded, the new Gallery app will help you review and organize your content. Quick Share and Music Share will then take the tediousness out of sharing photos and even stream your music to another phone. With all these features rolling out to the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71, some consumers may have even fewer reasons to reach for a Galaxy S20, unless they demand the best resolutions and quality for their photos.

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