Galaxy A phone with pop-up front camera might be coming soon

Samsung hasn't been one to immediately jump on display design trends quickly. It resisted doing notches for the longest time and when it finally did, it went overboard and cut out circles inside the screen. The one thing it has so far stayed clear of is the motorized pop-up camera popularized by Vivo and OPPO. That, however, may soon come to an end as word is going around that Samsung is preparing one such phone for later this year.

The idea behind the pop-up camera was interesting but ultimately impractical. For the sake of having no notch and almost no bezel around the screen, you have a mechanism that is slightly slow to activate when needed. It's also a durability risk, no matter how strong the mechanism itself maybe, not to mention throwing any form of water resistance rating out the window.

Given those and the fact that its current screen designs have more or less become widely-accepted, it's rather surprising to hear that Samsung will belatedly jump on the pop-up front camera bandwagon when there's barely anyone left there. It could simply be yet another case of Samsung throwing everything on a wall to see which sticks, something it probably can't afford to do during these times.

Don't expect it to be the Galaxy Note 20, though, as Samsung won't dare risk that phone's success with such a party trick. All signs point to a Galaxy A model we haven't heard yet about. Pigtou and @OnLeaks seem confident that will be the case, though.

As for the phone's other features, it will have a more or less conventional triple camera design on its back, another telltale sign that it won't be the Galaxy Note 10. It also won't have a headphone jack though, which may also be another reason for consumers to steer clear of this gimmicky budget phone.