Galarian Farfetch'd in Pokemon GO: What's going on here?

This morning you might've woken up to find that your Pokemon GO universe was full of a new monster. The Galarian version of Farfetch'd is likely popping up at the vast majority of Pokestops near you right this minute. But why? It's a celebration, said Niantic, of the release of The Isle of Armor! That's the newest DLC for Pokemon GO that was also just released today.

Galarian Farfetch'd can appear as common in normal spawn points as it does near Pokestops. Just because you've not yet seen on near you (since you're stuck at home working or it's far, far too hot outside to go for a walk), doesn't mean a Galarian Farfetch'd won't appear near you by the end of the day.

HOWEVER, this Galarian Farfetch'd festival of sorts isn't going to last very long. The date and time for the launch of this Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass update "The Isle of Armor" celebration is one day, only. The start of this particular launch is Wednesday, June 17, 2020, at 6AM PDT. The end of this madness is Thursday, June 18, 2020, at 6AM PDT.

At the end of this very, very brief drop of birds, you'll no longer see Galarian Farfetch'd appear nearly so common. It's not yet clear whether this version of Farfetch'd will be a regional exclusive like its predecessor. The standard Farfetch'd is a regional exclusive of the United Kingdom, as it were.

Isle of Armor-themed avater items are available in the in-app store right now, and they'll likely last a while beyond this short event. Galarian Farfetch'd avatar items "inspired by Galarian Farfetch'd" are available in the Style Shop alongside avatar items "themed after the training clothing you can wear on the Isle of Armor. They should all be free, as of this morning.