G700 and G900 by Sony Ericsson are touchscreen phones for the masses

James Allan Brady - Feb 10, 2008

They are kind of being billed as digital organizers, which sounds like code for “just short of a smartphone” but they are pretty nice phones, and if they have a reasonable price their features and cheap price should make them appeal to the public. Both phones have a 2.4-inch touchscreen and a numeric keypad and are in a candy-bar form factor.

Part of the software includes some seemingly cool uses for the touchscreen including post-it style notes that you can write on and send to other people, phonebook and gallery navigation, and you can doodle on the device and send those pictures to other people as well. All very cool features, but those seemingly childish features are backed up my 3.2 (on the G700) and 5.0 (on the G900) megapixel cams with the ability to edit the photos, to some extent, on the phones.

They both work on UMTS 2100 and GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 bands with the G900 also adding WiFi to the list of connectivity options. So, whether you are some kid looking for a nice phone with nice features or a SO/HO user that just needs something to help keep them organized, this could be the phone for you.

[via PhoneMag]

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