G-Technology debuts slim G-Drive external HDD

Shane McGlaun - Nov 2, 2010
G-Technology debuts slim G-Drive external HDD

When it comes to external storage that you will take with you on the road most of us want the drive to offer good storage capacity, but to be compact as well so it’s easy to carry. A company called G-Technology has unveiled a new external storage solution called the G-Drive that is very thin at only 128.6mm L x 82mm W x 9.9mm H.

Inside the slick looking little enclosure hides a new Hitachi GST 7mm Travelstar Z5K320 HDD. That thin Hitachi drive makes the G-Drive the thinnest 2.5-inch external storage device in the world. The drive is also quiet and rugged.

The G-Drive is formatted for Mac computers right out of the box and is Time machine ready for backing up Mac data. Power for the drive comes from the USB port and the 320GB HDD sells for $99.99. You should be able to reformat and use the G-Drive on a Windows machine if needed.

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