G-Form case protects iPad dropped from 1300 feet while skydiving

If you're an extreme sports enthusiast (or if you're just looking for the toughest case possible) and you own an iPad , then G-Form's Extreme line of cases are made just for you. A snugly fitted iPad in one of the G-Form cases barely sees a scratch of any sort while being dropped from 1300 feet, according to their video demos. Check them out after the break. And while you're enjoying these videos, consider how often you've almost had a heart attack after dropping your favorite device, 3 feet from the ground – then imagine dropping it from an airplane, at 1300 feet.

The two cases in G-Form's lineup; the Extreme Portfolio and Extreme Edge, are mostly made using proprietary G-Form technology, along with composite PORON material. The proprietary technology has the ability to absorb an astounding 90% or more of the impact of the collision, and simultaneously stiffen instantaneously to protect your beloved iPad from becoming, well, a pile of metal. If you think about the mere physics of it, it's really not bad. Not bad at all.

If that's not impressive enough, check out G-Form protecting iPads thrown out of sports cars speeding at 113 miles per hour down below. And all that toughness for $89.95 for the Extreme Portfolio or $59.95 for the Extreme Sleeve. So the next time you go for extreme sports, feel free to bring your iPad along. It can probably handle whatever you throw it at, literally. Or if you're a normal, everyday person, then you most likely will never have to worry about dropping your iPad again.

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