FyreTV announces new BOXXX

FyreTV has unveiled the world's first wireless IPTV set-top box, the BOXXX. The premier provider of adult content has announced the launch of their commercial service along with the BOXXX, which provides DVD quality adult content.

The new BOXXX ships with any new subscription made at fyretv.com and you may now subscribe for only a $9.99 a month subscription fee without ever signing a contract. FyreTV subscribers also et 100 monthly FyreCredits as part of their inaugural promotion. This fee gives users access to their full line if content as well as a number of available studio packages.

This set top box can either stream via Ethernet or wirelessly with 802.11B and G.  The available outputs on the BOXXX include HDMI, S-video, composite or component as well as optical audio. It may come as a surprise that this box is only 6 inches by 7 inches. The Unlimited Studio Packages give users unlimited access t 100- 1000 movies from their favorite studios for a monthly price that ranges from $6.00 to $39.99 depending on the content provided.