Fyre Festival 2.0 tipped by Ja Rule amid Netflix, Hulu hype

What's the best way to milk cash out of the worst blunder in the history of music festivals and internet hype? Make another one! That's just what seems to be happening now thanks to a tip from none other than Ja Rule, letting the world know that "[The Fyre Festival] is the most iconic festival that never was. I have plans to create the iconic festival, but you didn't hear that from me."

It's difficult to understand how, after coming out of the mega-blunder that was Fyre without a legal scratch, one would test fate once more. If you've not seen either of the documentaries on the Fyre Festival (one on Netflix, one on Hulu), I recommend you give one or the other a quick look.

If you'd rather read about it, head over to this comprehensive timeline from Anna Gaca at Spin. It'll show you how, with the power of internet hype (and Instagram), a world-class fraudster named Billy McFarland and the rapper Ja Rule tried to make a music festival.

ABOVE: Trailer for the Netflix documentary. BELOW: Trailer for the Hulu documentary. Both are available for streaming right now.

The festival promised some top-end musicians (and Blink-182) and a treasure hunt. What it delivered was a bunch of white tents, a few wet beds, and some cheese sandwiches. When it was going down, it was a best-case-scenario for internet citizens for whom rich kids in terrible situations was a dream come true.

Now, if what Ja Rule said was true, he's not responsible for the promises made to those very wet, hungry, and sad rich kids. He was a victim too, he said. As such, he's going to try to make the same festival happen again. Now that the documentaries are doing well and Fyre is awake in the collective hype-mixer again, what better idea could there be than to take hundreds of thousands of dollars from rich kids again?