FX officially orders American Horror Story spinoff anthology series

Earlier this month, American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy dropped a surprising piece of information in an Instagram post — there will be a spinoff series based on the popular horror TV show. Almost no details were provided at the time, but now, weeks later, more news has surfaced: FX has officially ordered the new anthology series.

The spinoff show will be American Horror Stories and it will revolve around the same general theme established by the existing show. Rather than telling larger stories that are a full season in length, American Horror Stories will be an anthology show that tells a different story in every episode.

The new series will be a fun twist on the genre American Horror Story largely revived on television. Rather than being along for the ride over a few months, fans can get bite-sized creepiness contained in individual hour-long episodes. This will be more appealing to mobile users in particular who may need a bit of entertainment while commuting or between appointments.

Though FX has officially ordered the show, we still don't know when it will premiere on the network. Deadline reports that the network has pushed the release of American Horror Story season 10 until 2021 due to the disruption and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

American Horror Stories, the spinoff series, will likewise be produced by 20th Century Fox. Presumably, the new series will eventually join the other existing FX shows to stream on Hulu, but those details are still forthcoming.