Fuzebox DIY 8-bit console

Based on the open-source Uzebox project, the Fuzebox is a DIY 8-bit console kit where you not only build the hardware but write the software too.  Titles can be written for the Fuzebox in C, plus there's an emulator available to test them out. 


Connections include RCA and S-Video outputs, together with a serial port for transferring over games (a USB to serial cable will help you out there); there are also two controller ports, happy with either NES or SNES controllers.  Games can be up to 240 x 224 resolution and up to 256 colors, and storage is on an SD or MMC memory card.

The Fuzebox kit starts at $70, which gets you the circuit board and parts.  Step up to $100 and you get all that plus a controller, power adapter and custom Fuzebox enclosure, which seems a better deal unless you've got a sneaky plan for a DIY box of your own. 

[via technabob]