Fusion-io announces impressive performance from a single 365 GB MLC ioDrive2

Fusion-io has been producing some of the best performing and most expensive storage devices for computers for a while now. The company offers products called the ioDrive II that are storage drives designed to fit into the PCI Express slots on computer main boards. Typical storage devices inside a computer use SATA ports.

By using the PCI Express slot rather than the normal SATA port, Fusion-io is able to achieve significantly better performance. The company has announced this week that it has achieved a very impressive performance milestone. Using a single 365 GB MLC Fusion ioDrive 2 the company was able to achieve 9.608 million IOPS.

The company says that this speed record was possible by using its APIs integrating flash storage into host systems. The APIs the company took advantage of allows it to bypass the normal bottlenecks in a computer operating system. Fusion-io says that these APIs are being used by dozens of the industry-leading software companies on the market today.

The performance breakthrough was accomplished using Auto-Commit Memory, which maintains the persistence of flash at performance levels in the nanosecond range. The company also says that the performance numbers were achieved using a single threaded, single queue depth 64-byte write to the Auto-Commit Memory log.

[via Fusion-io]