FUSAR Mohawk modular helmet system includes action cam

FUSAR has created a modular smart helmet system that includes, among many other things, a camera. The system is designed to mount on helmets, whether its a bicycle helmet or a motorcycle helmet, and provide a variety of features that would otherwise require a bunch of different gadgets cobbled together. The system is called Mohawk, and it includes a camera, activity tracker, music player, black box, emergency alert system, and more.

The unit comes in a single device, which mounts on top of a helmet. The camera faces forward, recording one's trip, while other other features do things like log the route, track the activity, detect crashes, record data in the black box, and more. Mohawk features Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, Wi-Fi, a magnetometer, accelerometer and gyroscope.

Joining the Mohawk unit is a remote control for easier control; both handlebar and wrist versions are teased, and colored LEDs are used to provide feedback. The system works in conjunction with a smartphone app, as well, which offers push-to-talk communication between users and more. The app will be available for both iOS and Android.

FUSAR is seeking funding on Indiegogo, where it has exceeded its $100,000 USD goal with 23 days remaining in its campaign. The "Smart Helmet Kit" is being offered through the campaign at the discounted rate of $349 USD; planned retail pricing will be $549 USD. Assuming the campaign is successful, FUSAR plans to ship the device next July.

SOURCE: Indiegogo