Funtrak Paintball Panzer Now You Can Get Even With The Guy Next Door

Unless of course by some strange course of events you enjoy the company of your neighbors, regardless I am sure you can find some use for a motorized miniature tank that shoots paintballs. It has a 13 horsepower gas engine and it shoots paintballs.

Like the original, it has a high amount of torque for rough terrain and has the tank tracks to aid in the rough terrain navigation as well. The best part, its street legal, at least in the UK it is.

It can handle up to a 60-degree incline too. So, if you were getting bored with your current lot of paintball games, and you have a spare $18k sitting around, you can go pick one of these up to make things interesting again. Just don't forget to where your mask, traveling at several miles per hour and getting hit in the face with a paintball could be bad for you and your new vehicle's health.

Pocket-Size Paintball Panzer [via gearlog]