Funny or Die's "iSteve" movie now available to watch online

The lesser known out of the three Steve Jobs movies comes from comedy and humor website Funny or Die, who was the last one to announce a Steve Jobs biopic after JOBS and Sony's own biopic were announced earlier. This one is called iSteve, and it stars has-been actor Justin Long, who starred in those popular classic Mac ads with John Hodgman.

The entire 79-minute movie is available to watch for free on Funny or Die's website, and the trailer is below if you want to get a teaser on what to expect. However, you'll certainly have to have an open mind in order to find it funny or entertaining. It's certainly not up to blockbuster standards, but it is a comedy website after all.

It's almost as if the movie is a parody of the upcoming Steve Jobs biopics, but Funny or Die does a pretty terrible job at making it entertaining in some way. Justin Long (who plays Steve Jobs) has always kind of been of a loose cannon, and Jorge Garcia (who plays Steve Wozniak) is slightly bad at the role. However, if you're expecting to get some stupid-humor out of it, rather than accurate drama like what we'll see in JOBS, this may be the movie for you.

Justin Long has a long history with Apple, though. He most known as portraying the Mac in the Mac vs. PC ads that use to air all the time on television. These ads featured John Hodgman as the PC, and the two would go back and forth on computer tasks that they could better than the other, with the Mac ultimately winning in the end due to its "cool" factor.