Funai Eco Scan Projector throws touch sensitive images on wall

There is a lot going on in the projector world right now. Projectors are getting to be much smaller with pico units on the market from several manufacturers. Funai is showing off a new small laser projector that can throw an image on your wall or screen that is also touch sensitive.

The projected image is capable of recognizing finger movements. That means you can use your finger to rotate, enlarge, and replace an image with finger motions. Funai developed the projector by combining tech from Nippon Signal's MEMS scanner with its own magic. The projector uses RGB laser light that is scanned by a two-axis MEMS mirror to project a full color image. The basics of the laser projector are the same as other projectors already on the market, the big improvement here is the addition of finger sensing tech.

A sensor on the projector recognizes the intensity of light near the screen. The sensor can tell when part of the laser light is blocked by a finger and can find the position of the finger when it moves in mid air allowing control by motion. The companies compare the interface to the system Tom Cruise used in "Minority Report." The projector could be commercially available as early as 2010.