Full-sized Mech Exoskeleton: flame-shooting video demo

Mech-enthusiast Carlos Owens is in the process of building another full-sized working exoskeleton, currently 16-foot tall without the head and capable of shooting flames out of its hands.  Eventually to be controlled with hydraulics salvaged from Carlos' previous mech, Big Red (shown below), the chassis is seemingly complete but at the moment it's immobile.Video demo of the flame-shooting mech exoskeletons after the cut

"Think of a Mech as type of Personal Tank Armour. Rather than the Mech augmenting the pilots bodily movements or functions; The Mech will imitate the pilots motions but only as a method of control, not augmentation. A Mech will be able to serve the same purposes as firefighting vehicles, military armour, and construction vehicles but with more precise control and agility than a typical tracked or wheeled vehicle" Neogentronyx Mech description

Carlos' eventual hope is to turn his one-man project into a full-scale mecha construction/research & development group.  Of course, that requires plenty of funding so he's looking for donations.

[via MAKE]