Full Pokemon GO Community Day July 2020 may cost you $1

Today we're taking a peek at July 2020's Pokemon GO Community Day. This event will feature Gastly, a ghost type Pokemon that evolves into Haunter, then Gengar, one of the most powerful "glass cannon" Pokemon in the game. This Community Day will include a special Gengar that knows a move that cannot be learned at any other time!

During the event, you'll have the ability to pay a dollar – a real dollar – to gain access to "the Community Day-exclusive Special Research story." That's a research story entitled The Great Gastly. This story likely references the Halloween-themed Charlie Brown / Peanuts / Snoopy story The Great Pumpkin – but we shall see!

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The rest of the event is free. You'll see Gastly more frequently in the wild, and Gastly will be SHINY at a much higher rate than normal. You'll be able to get a Gastly with the exclusive move "Shadow Punch." You'll want to capture "snapshots" during the event "for a surprise". Let's make this whole thing simple...

Pokemon GO July 2020 Community Day:

• Catch all the Gastly

• Find Shiny Gastly

• Evolve Gastly to Haunter and Haunter to Gengar

• Evolve to Gengar up to 2 hours after event ends to get special Shadow Punch

• Take "a few snapshots" during event

• Pay a real dollar (not PokeCoins) to get a Community Day-exclusive Special Research story: The Great Gastly

• Eggs require "1/4 Hatch Distance" during event period*

• Incense activated during the event lasts 3 hours

*NOTE: This Hatch Distance bonus does NOT stack with other active Hatch Distance bonuses.

Pokemon GO's Community Day for July 2020 has a time and date of July 19, 2020, from 11 AM to 5 PM local time. That means wherever you might be in the world, the time (as the app sees it) is followed via your region. If it's 11AM in your town or city, it's 11AM in the game!

Niantic occasionally allows certain special features of a Pokemon GO event to last beyond the quoted end-time – but recently they've been pretty good about cutting bonuses off at the time they've suggested. This event may be the last time we see ghost type Pokemon featured in an event until the greatest (annual) free event of the year: Halloween!