Fujitsu working on new wood-shelled notebook - tree-hugging hippies beware

The laptop, from top to bottom, is covered in wood. Then there is the semi-creepy hemp bag that is either part of the laptops wooden casing or just comes with the laptop, it would be cool either way.

Personally I think both of these notebook look simply amazing, however word on the streets is that wood isn't the most lightweight component you can make something out of, so I don't want desktop replacement weight with Eee like performance just for the sake of what looks good. Also, that green keyboard and trackpad is rather ghastly.

The bamboo design that Asus has was along the right idea as I hear that wood is extremely lightweight. Maybe Fujitsu should look to them for guidance, but if Fujitsu can fit a decent laptop inside a wooden shell for a remotely reasonable price I'm sure they'd sell like hotcakes.

[via geekologie]