Fujitsu U810 - It's a mini-notebook, not a UMPC

You know how the Helio commercials say not to call it a phone? Well Fujitsu would appriciate you not calling their U810 a UMPC, it's a "mini-notebook."

The tiny notebook weighs just 1.5-pounds and has the same look and feel as one of Fujitsu's other tablet PCs, just in a much smaller package. It's packed with plenty of cool features like a biometric scanner, webcam, keyboard light, stylus and a touch-screen. You also get a card reader, 802.11a/b/g wireless, Bluetooth and Wireless WAN.

The U810 will come with a 40GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM and your choice of Windows Vista Home Premium or XP Tablet edition. The battery is going to last you around 5.5 hours, so it won't run all day, but it'll outlast your larger laptop. It will start shipping on September 18 for $999.

A notebook in miniature [via crave]