Fujitsu throw their ultra-mobile hat into ring with UMPC competitor

I'm trying my best to keep positive about Fujitsu's new UMPC, but the design does make me think "cheap portable DVD player" rather than "swish handheld tablet that I'd spend my own hard-earned cash on."  Which is a shame, because taking a quick look at the specs shows that it's not half bad. 

  • Stealey processor – 800MHz
  • 1GB memory,
  • 40GB hard disk,
  • SD reader,
  • two cameras,
  • 5.6 inches 1024x600 screen.
  • Equipped two cell battery,
  • Weight:499g.
  • four cell battery can last 7 hours
  • Stealey is Intel's new push into super-low-power CPUs, ideal for the latest bevy of portable tablets or, in their own nomenclature, the Ultra Mobile Platform.

    Specs via UMPC Portal; Video via jkkmobile