Fujitsu's LOOX to Run on Mobile Penryn

I hate my Macbook pro, it's powerful alright but the battery is rather pathetic. I can't finish one good night of blogging if I left the power adapter at work. The Santa Rosa didn't improve much but i hope the upcoming Penryn will. I was psyched to read the Fujitsu's LOOX R70 with mobile penryn has an optimized battery life up to 9.7 hours with stock battery. That's right, Fujitsu unveils the first Penryn notebook today. It has a compact size of 12.1" screen and weight only 2.8lb. The new LOOX will equip with 1GB of memory and 120GB of storage space in Windows Vista Business and has the schedule to release in Japan next month.

Fujitsu hints at first Penryn notebook [via electronista]