Fujitsu put IPx7 Waterproof high end cell phone to test

Daniel Lim - Nov 21, 2008

Forget the cheesy weather proof feature or having a pelican case for your cell phone. The Futjisu F-01A goes beyond Slashproof, offers feature-rich handset with IPx5 and IPx7 waterproof protection. The F-01A is no ordinary cell phone with few O-rings; it’s a fully loaded “docomo PRIME series” mobile phones with GSM, GPS, Bluetooth, fingerprint sensor, and has a 5.2MP CMOS sensor for still image capture which also sports a 3.5-inch TFT LCD with ultra wide 854×480 resolution screen.

A full feature cell phone like that is said to be difficult incorporating the waterproof function. It’s a fair statement and logical due to the increase amount of internal wirings and control circuits for many of its capabilities. In fact, this is Fujitsu first ever high end handheld with full-blown waterproof function.

As an IPx7 certified devices, the F-01A Is designed to withstand immersion in one meter (39-inch) of water for up to 30 minutes. At a press meeting in Tokyo yesterday, the company demonstrated its brilliant design with the F-01A fully immersed in the water. According to Nikkie, the internal parts are well thought and engineered. The LCD panel is attached on the frame with double-coated sealing while the joined areas on the keyboard are water-repelled with rubber packing.

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