Fujitsu gadget converts smartphone 2D video to 3D

If you don't fancy picking up an LG Optimus 3D Max when its released but still want to get in on the 3D tidal wave, Fujitsu has created the accessory you're looking for. It's a converter with two small mirror that attaches to an existing smartphone's camera, and with a little help from the cloud promises to convert your captured videos into 3D.

Fujitsu say they've combined proprietary video processing technology in conjunction with the small mirrors located in the add-on in order to get usable 3D video from smartphone cameras. The mirror splits the image into two and feeds it to the camera lens. Then, video is uploaded to Fujitsu's servers, distortion from the lenses is corrected, and other magical processing occurs that delivers 3D video back to you for viewing on a 3D display.

The company hopes that this add-on will drive 3D image and video adoption on the web, with people linking to their "compelling" content on blogs. It's an interesting implementation, but there's bound to be quality loss in the chain. Fujitsu is just teasing the gadget for now, with a formal announcement and pricing to follow on June 4th at the IEEE ISCE conference in Harrisburg.