Fujitsu F705i, the world’s slimmest waterproof phone

Ewdison Then - Jan 22, 2008

How often do you drop your phone in a bucket of water or swimming pool? Not many times I would hope, but Fujitsu thinks waterproof mobile phone market has potential. Fujitsu unveiled the F705i, the world’s slimmest waterproof 3G mobile phone.

Now, although its can hold up to the water element, the F705i will not hold up to drowning over 1m depth of water and longer than 30 minutes. The phone itself features Super Clear Voice and Super Clear Mike that would automatically adjust the volume of calls depending on noise level surrounding the phone user.

It weighs only 111g with dimensions of 106 x 49 x 13.7mm. As for battery life, it allows 170 minutes of talk time and 100 minutes of videophone. No information on pricing and availability at this moment.

[via akihabaranews]

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