Fujitsu F-01A mobile phone enables fingerprint sensor security

We reported the feature-rich Fujitsu F-01A with its waterproof functionality not too long ago, but few details were revealed on the supposingly a breakthrough security feature utilizing fingerprint biometrics. The cat is out of the bag today; the manufacturer has spilled out the technology behind the fingerprint mobile phones.

The Fujitsu F-01A is the first docomo PRIME series phone to use the integrated fingerprint security. Beneath its waterproof casing is a revolutionary AuthenTec's AES1711 fingerprint sensor that works in conjunction with AuthenTec's TouchStone packaging and TrueNav technology for touchpad-like navigational control. When enables, the phone will lock protection on its stored files and personal information. Also, the TouchStone technology extends beyond normal usage when it comes to durability, the sensor is said to have tripled coated for protection.

No word on pricing just yet, and we don't know when Fujitsu will make its launch for US market, but The F-01A is available now in Japan through NTT DoComo.