Fujitsu enterprise SAS hard drives announced

Brenda Barron - Nov 17, 2008
Fujitsu enterprise SAS hard drives announced

Fujitsu announced their latest SAS enterprise hard disk drives today and have upped the capacity and performance in the process. Both are 2.5-inch drives, but the MBD2 RC sports 10,000 RPM and the MBE2 RC is 15,000 RPM. They also feature 6Gbps.

When compared to the previous models of these drives, you will note that the capacity has been doubled. This is due to the company’s use of perpendicular magnetic recording technology or PMR. This helps to lower power consumption as well.

These drives are green, too, with halogen-free construction and compliance with RoHS. They are also 28% more energy efficient. They’ve also gotten a 60% speed boost. You can get the MBD2 RC in 147GB or 300GB and the MBE2 RC is available in 73.5GB or 147GB.

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