Fujitsu and Suvolta reveal ultra low voltage RAM

Fujitsu and SuVolta have partnered up to develop a new transistor technology that would cut chip power consumption in half without compromising performance. With this technology, SRAM chips could operate at ultra-low voltages of 0.4V, which is less than half of power consumption levels in chips today.

SuVolta calls this new technology DDC for Deeply Depleted Channel. The technology could be making its way very soon to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets where systems-on-a-chip (SoC) technologies are aggressively competing to keep down power consumption, while providing greater performance.

The current mobile landscape is dominated by ARM chips with Intel pushing its way in, but SuVolta argues that its DDC technology has several advantages over Intel's in the areas of cost and efficiency. The DDC technology is part of SuVolta's PowerShrink platform and devices utilizing the SuVolta technology are expected to reach the market by the second half of 2012.

[via eWeek]