Fujifilm X Webcam software adds two cameras, macOS coming soon

It's definitely the new trend for camera makers to ride on the wave of people getting hooked on video conferencing or even video streaming at home. Whether it's for meetings, seminars, or making instructional videos, companies like Fujifilm are offering their dedicated and better cameras as the video capture tool you'll want. Unfortunately, they actually don't cover all their existing models but Fujifilm seems to be slowly expanding its software's reach to more recent cameras.

Fujifilm announced its new X Webcam software last month that made it easy to use a supported camera as a webcam. All users needed to do after installing the utility on their Windows computer is to connect the camera to that computer with a USB cable.

The catch here is that the list of supported cameras only included 9 cameras. Now Fujifilm is announcing that firmware updates for the X-A7 and X-T200 will add the same capabilities to those two. Announced September last year, the Fujifilm X-A7 introduced a new CMOS sensor with copper wiring for faster autofocus while the 2020 mirrorless X-T200 cranked up video recording to 4K 30fps and added a Digital Gimbal to keep videos steady even if you aren't.

That's all well and good if you happen to use a Windows computer and only a Windows computer. If you can wait until mid-July, though, Fujifilm is promising it will be releasing the macOS version of its X Webcam software around that time.

Fujifilm is, of course, not the only game in town and most of the major camera makers have put out their own spin on that functionality. Canon was actually the first to try that out and has already released a macOS version last month. Panasonic, on the other hand, simply reused its existing tethering software and added an option to remove distracting and unnecessary UI from the screen.