Fujifilm X-Series Adds Lightweight X70, Rangefinder X-E2S

Fujifilm has revealed a couple of new digital cameras, including the powerful X-Pro2. Not everyone, however, might need a premium camera nor want the premium price that comes with it. Worry not, as Fujifilm of course has a selection more suited to those with less ambitious photography needs. In particular, two new members of the X-Series cameras come to mind. The new X70 boasts of the smallest and lightest construction in the series while the X-E2S adds an electronic viewfinder to a rangefinder style of camera.

The Fujifilm X70 gives justice to the description "small but terrible", or at least terribly good perhaps in this case. At only 340 g, it is marked as the handiest X-series camera with an APS-C sized sensor. The use of milled aluminum in the top plate as well as the aperture and focusing rings help keep the weight down. Despite that, the X70 is teeming with new features, including, for the first time in the X-Series, a touchscreen panel that can rotate 180 degrees for any angle of shot. And yes, that includes selfies.

The X70's APS-C sized sensor is a 16.3 megapixel X-Trans CMOS II that gives it the ability to capture Full HD videos and control false colors without a low-pass filter. This is paired with an EXR Processor II image processing engine. One of the highlights of the X70 is the new FUJINON 18.5 mm F2.8 lens, with an focusing distance of 10 cm, allowing photographers to take a wide range of shots, from landscapes to close ups.

The Fujifilm X-E2S' call to fame will be its Real-Time Viewfinder, a rare combination with the camera's rangefinder style design. The 2.36 million dot EL electronic viewfinder delivers a live view of what effects exposure and white balance will have on a photo. The EVF also orients its information display depending on the orientation of the camera so that you don't have to read sidewards. The viewfinder also boasts of a 0.62x magnification and a nearly negligible display lag of 0.005 seconds.

The X-E2S has the same sensor and image processor as the X70, namely the 16.3 megapixel X-Trans CMOS II and EXR Processor II, respectively. In addition to that, the X-E2S boosts the number of Phase Detection AF points from 44 in its predecessor to 77, adding Zone and Wide/Tracking modes for autofocus. The camera is also compatible with Fujifilm's new range of 21 FUJINON X-mount lenses, expanding the X-E2S' reach to different styles, effects, and situations.

Both cameras will be available starting next month with a price tag of around $700 for the camera alone.