Fujifilm Tape Tracker

Still using tapes for your backup solution? First of all, my condolences, secondly, there is now a solution that should help decrease the chances of you losing them. The device takes the shape of a full sized tape disk but offers up GPS coordinates instead of storage space.

So, as long as your transport your tapes in sets, your set. The GPS supposedly works even in rural areas and will even broadcast through vehicles and warehouses.

It comes with a FujiFind application so you can actually locate your tapes when you lose them and you can even track multiple sets of tapes within the software. It should be available first quarter of next year, but there isn't any word on price as of yet, however chances are if you have a set of tape backups, something like this to guarantee it doesn't get lost, especially when you most need it, nearly priceless.

Fujifilm intros GPS-based Tape Tracker to prevent data mishandling [via engadget]