Fujifilm reveals four FinePix camera models

Fujifilm announced four new additions to their FinePix line today, adding a wider array of affordable models that are sure to keep even picky camera enthusiasts generally satisfied.

First up is the F37, which features a 3X zoom, 10-megapixels, face detection, and a wide array of color options including pink/white and black/red. Expected cost is $150. Next, is the J38, which has ISO 3,200 sensitivity, 12-megapixels, face detection and scene recognition. Cost is expected at $130.

Another camera in the line is the A170, which sports 10-megapixels. It's similar to the F37 but has AA batteries as opposed to the lithium-ion batteries. Cost here should be around $90 when it ships at the end of the month. Last is the A220, which is identical to the A170 except it has 12-megapixels. You can get this camera next month for $100.