Fujifilm 3D printing kiosks might become reality

So what does a company that was built around the market of film cameras do when the very basis of its founding is now completely irrelevant? In some cases (read: Kodak) you go into chapter 11 bankruptcy. But in other cases, you turn to the latest explosive trend in emerging technology – enter Fujifilm and the idea of 3D printer kiosks.

The concept is reportedly being milled about the offices of Fujifilm Australia. Company spokesperson Michael Mostyn was quoted as saying, "What we're suggesting is that utilizing existing infrastructure, instead of just limiting it to photo gifting products, what if we are able to have a number of predetermined models and provide customers with a personalized 3D gift shop."

3D printing may still seem like a science fiction concept to the uninitiated, but to those who are willing to open their eyes, it is very apparent that it is here, it is now, and it is exploding in popularity. Everything from glasses to bikinis to coasters to artifical bones to guitars (need we continue?) has been successfully printed from a 3D printer. It's fascinating to watch this next evolution in scientific advancement.

[via PSFK; via Gizmag]