Fujifilm 3D camera promises 3D HD video by 2009 launch

Fujifilm have been demonstrating a twin-lens 3D camera using its new Finepix Real 3D system, which is expected to hit the market in 2009.  Two Fujinon lenses are positioned 6-7cm apart from each other, roughly mimicking the average distance between the human eyes, and each capture a frame at the same time; those are combined by a new processor that takes into account focus, zoom range and exposure and creates a stereoscopic image.

The camera also has a 2.8 inch, 230,000 pixel LCD capable of displaying both 2D and 3D images.  The system is based upon angled slices that present a slightly different image to the left and right eyes; combined together by the brain, these two images are perceived as one, 3D scene.

Fujifilm are also discussing the potential of shooting high-definition video with the camera by the time of its launch.  The camera will be accompanied by new lenticular paper, onto which 3D images can be printed, and a 3D-capable digital photo frame.

[via Wired and TechOn]