Fuhu launches nabi Notes headphones for kids

Fuhu, the makers behind the nabi Jr tablet for kids that we saw earlier this month, has come out with some new headphones built exclusively for kids as well. The nabi Notes are $99 headphones, and Fuhu claims they're the "world's first dual-mode headphones with DJ-quality performance for kids." They also look a lot like headphones from Beats by Dre.

The dual-mode allows parents to limit the volume to 80dB in order to protect their children's hearing by turning on nabi mode, and a light indicator on the headphones lets parents easily know when nabi mode is enabled. And, of course, the headphones feature a kid-friendly ergonomic design that have padded child-sized ear cups and headband for optimal fit and comfort for young ones.

The nabi Notes also feature an in-line microphone and an in-line remote control, which allows you to control your music without having to fiddle with your music device. Plus, the cable itself is detachable, and is also "tangle resistant", which means it's most likely braided or wrapped in some kind of paracord material.

Fuhu notes that the nabi Notes' "advanced 40mm driver and circuitry" put the headphones on par with Beats by Dre and other high-end headphones brands. Personally, we think the nabi Notes look a lot like Beats by Dre — almost too close, but perhaps it's just the fire red color screaming back at us that gives it away. In any case, if you're looking for some new headphones for your son or daughter, these probably wouldn't be a terrible choice.