FTC asked to open investigation of Carrier IQ

The Carrier IQ controversy has snowballed quickly over the last week, with the company now possibly facing an investigation by the FTC. Following Senator Al Franken's demand for answers regarding the data the company collects, Massachusetts congressman Edward Markey has taken it a step further, requesting the FTC to open an investigation.

The controversy started when Android user Trevor Eckhart began alerting other users of what he discovered to be a data tracking software pre-installed on his HTC Android smartphone. This Carrier IQ software could allegedly track keystrokes, which could include passwords and text messages.

The revelation caused several major smartphone manufacturers and carriers to issue statements regarding their involvement, with many either denying use of the software or explaining plans to discontinue use of it. Apple, for one, admitted that its previous generation iOS platforms use Carrier IQ, but that most of its iOS 5 devices do not and that future updates would completely remove it.

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[via Reuters]