EFF offers to defend Carrier-IQ whistle blower from legal action

Privacy is very important to most of us in the tech world. We don't want carriers following our every step online or in the real world. One Android user gong by the name TrevE discovered a violation for the Android user's privacy being conducted by the Carrier-IQ tracking software a while back. The user then went on to warn all the other Android users out there what he had found.

It's not as if the accusations were wild either, TrevE apparently has proof to back up his claims. That didn't stop carrier-IQ from sending him a cease and desist letter and threatening him with legal action if he didn't stop spreading his claims and alleged proof of the infractions against Android users. Anytime a big company threatens an individual with legal action it can be scary.

In this case the Electronic Frontier Foundation has offered to represent TrevE in the legal action against Carrier-IQ. The Carrier-IQ handset runs I the device RAM and allows the tracking of phone performance, what is typed on the keyboard on the phone and much more. TrevE found a method of stopping the software from running. Carrier-IQ has threatened to sue for "a large sum" of money. The drama is certainly to be ongoing with this case.

[via AndroidCommunity]