FTC and Intel settle anticompetitive charges

Shane McGlaun - Aug 5, 2010
FTC and Intel settle anticompetitive charges

Intel is the largest CPU maker on the planet and it has been fighting anticompetitive practice charges leveled against it by the FTC for a long time now. The practices came as a resulte of alleged practices that stifled competition in the market by rivals like AMD.

The FTC has accepted a settlement offered by Intel and the settlement applies to CPUs, GPUs, and chipsets. The settlement prohibits Intel from using threats, bundled prices, and other offers to harm competition in the market. AMD had alleged that Intel offered special bundle pricing to computer makers who agreed to not use AMD products in their computers.

The FTC suit was filed against Intel in December 2009. Apparently, the settlement involves no damages and will simply prohibit Intel from conditioning benefits to computer makers to buy chips from Intel exclusively and prevent it from retaliating against computer firms that work with companies other than Intel. Intel is also being forced to modify intellectual property agreements to allow AMD, NVIDIA, and Via to consider mergers or joint ventures.

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