Fruit slide is better than tossing your apples in a bowl

We go through a lot of fruit in my house. My daughter eats apples like most kids eat ice cream. The catch is that if the apples get bruised from sitting in a bowl or dropped she doesn't eat them because the brown spots are gross. A new way to hold your apples and keep them from being bruised has surfaced called the Fruit Slide.

The thing is a curly tube with an open slide that you hand from a cabinet or ceiling. When you want an apple, you take one from the slide and the others roll towards the front for easy access. The thing should work with other similarly sized fruit like oranges.

Looking at the gadget I am wondering how exactly the fruit on the end of the slide is kept from falling over the edge, like when that paper dispenser built into the end of a 12-pack of soda suddenly breaks sending all your beverages onto the floor. The device looks cool and those are certainly some nice apples in the picture.