Fresh Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer preps us for a whole new Pokemon game

While today's Pokemon Presets event focused on a lot of different Pokemon games, the upcoming games for Switch got the lion's share of attention. In addition to revealing new details about Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, The Pokemon Company also announced more about Pokemon Legends: Arceus today, with a new trailer giving us a look at the game's Hisui region and some of the Pokemon variants that live there.

If the first trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus left you feeling a little underwhelmed, this one might be worth a watch because we get to see a lot more of the game's world. We're told that Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes place during an era where Pokemon and humans didn't live together, and in fact, our task as players will be to complete the first-ever Pokedex for the Hisui region (which in the future is known as the Sinnoh region).

Players will be performing surveys to catch and examine Pokemon, and it seems that the core gameplay loop is structured more like a Monster Hunter game than a traditional Pokemon game. While exploring the in-game world, players will come across Pokemon that are docile, timid, and even aggressive, and those aggressive Pokemon will need to be battled before they're caught. Pokemon will have two different versions of each move in battle – a Strong style and an Agile style – giving battles more strategy than we usually get out of Pokemon.

The trailer also introduced a handful of new Pokemon from the Hisui region. Four Pokemon were revealed in all today: Wyrdeer, a normal/psychic evolution for Stantler; Basculegion, a water/ghost Pokemon with a spooky origin story; Hisuian Braviary, a psychic/flying version of the Pokemon franchise's best bird; and finally, Hisuian Growlithe, which has rather troublesome rock/fire dual-typing.

Strangely enough, we still haven't learned about the role of Arceus in this game, even though the mythical Pokemon is outright named in the title. There's more to learn about Pokemon Legends: Arceus, that's for sure, and we'll let you know when The Pokemon Company reveals new details.