Freescale mobile device concepts get video outing

You might remember that we've been highlighting some of Freescale's tablet and ultramobile device concepts created with SCAD over the past month or so; now the company has put its (virtual) silicon where its pens have been, and created some concept videos.  The company sensibly reckons that different demographics will prefer different functionality, and so they've four different types of tablet ranging from young kids gaming, through teenagers using them for education, to adults wanting slates that work in business environments.Video demos after the cut

Unfortunately Freescale didn't go quite so far as to whip out their screwdrivers and come up with physical, working units, instead taking the easy way out and opting for renders.  Still, there's plenty to like here, with a broad range of screen sizes and plenty of integration with desktop computers, home automation and security systems, and online services like social networking.

Best of all is Freescale's insistence that there's "no science fiction here" and that the technology they've used in each of the concepts is currently available and sampling.  Whether that means we'll see commercial versions depends, of course, on OEM interest, but we'd certainly prefer a world with multiple options beyond just the iPad to one where Apple's slate sweeps the board.