FreePlay Companion Power Source

Christina Crouch - Jan 24, 2008, 5:34am CST
FreePlay Companion Power Source

All in one devices seem to be prevalent today. Not to be outdone by gadget consolidation, Freeplay Energy has launched and all in one power source called the Freeplay Companion.

The Freeplay Companion harnesses energy through several different ways: solar, rechargeable and human powered energy. It can charge your cell phones, give you a radio and is a flashlight, all things which can play a part in survival if disaster should strike. It’s only 125mm long and 200g. It has a solar panel and a crank with a rubberized body for impact resistance. There’s an earphone plug for relaxed listening as well.

The Freeplay Companion will be sold for around $30-$32. It’s being marketed towards the outdoor types and the company says it “offers as much utility as the Swiss Army Knife”.

[via Coolest Gadgets]

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