Free Music from SpiralFrog, What's the catch?

Universal music is giving away free downloadable music from their entire catalogue by partnering up with, a New York based company. However the downloaded musics will be protected with DRM. Many of legal music download services such as iTunes offers low cost music but not many offers music. According to TechCrunch they will also offer videos and other digital content. Now here is the part that might give some potential users a let down note, you will be required to login into your account at least once a month in order for your downloaded files to continue working. Why did they make you do that? Well, so that you help them generate revenue by seeing ads on their site. In a way I think that's kind a fair, free music and I will only need to login once. Not many details at this moment, we'll post more updates as they release more information.

[via TechCrunch]