Free motion stationary cycling, DIYed [Video]

Paul Fang - Mar 2, 2010
Free motion stationary cycling, DIYed [Video]

Cycling workouts are difficult to actually execute when you’re living in a highly urbanized area like downtown New York or Los Angeles, or on those dark, rainy days.  For those who don’t feel like falling to the stationary bike as a last resort, there are these remarkable DIY-able free motion bicycle rollers.

I’m fortunate enough to live in a more suburban part of Los Angeles, so the only reason why I’d consider these would be rainy days (which we’re getting more of lately), and because I already own a road bike that could be used with this Instructables project.  It does look somewhat dicey, but less so than being hit by, say a car or something.

At $35 in parts and apparently less than 4 hours or so to make, it looks to be something for the more venturesome, so YMMV, indeed.

[Instructables via Gizmodo]

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